Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Post 15: Entrepreneurship

Choose a focus of either your final project topic or your career plan to develop an entrepreneurial assessment of yourself. This should be about a "1-page" activity. Some of these questions may help guide your thoughts: Do you want to be a "businessperson or an entrepreneur?" What traits and/or strengths do you see in your PDP that aligns with your thought? What weaknesses or opportunities for improvement do you notice that you would like to address to become a "businessperson or an entrepreneur?" Is entrepreneurship just about starting a business? Or is it much deeper and holistic than that? As the world quickly changes, which type of folks do you feel will be more on their "toes" and less on their "heels." Who do you think will achieve and live the happinesses that they seek in life?

here is a link to the comparisons I had shared in class:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Post 14: Implementing a Lean Process

Based on our discussion in class today, implement and document a quality improvement process to the project/situation in which you performed a 5S process. This implementation must be based on the muda listed on the lean manufacturing wiki site. (note: there are several additional more modern types that you could utilize if need be)

For the documentation, list/describe the waste you have identified and explain the process change you have implemented. Either collect some data that demonstrate your improvement, or realistically estimate the effect that your improvement will have on your process.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Post 13: Criteria for Evaluation

Here are the Criteria discussed in class. Use these to shape the final criteria that will be used by your group. Post the final criteria and the process you will use to evaluate and rank the members of your team related to the final project.

-Tasks Accomplished

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog Post 12: 5S process

Post a record of a 5S process that you have completed. Post a before and after picture. Also, post a short narrative of how you addressed each of the "8s's" of the 5S process. Due Nov 11.

Blog post 11: Quality Management

Identify and describe a quality management process that is utilized in your field of interest. Typically this process is in response or guided by a professional organization in that field. Identify that organization.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Post 10: Specific Ethical Question

Ask/address an ethical question in your field of interest.

Develop/address arguments for each side of the issue, then defend your position on the issue.

this activity must include references

each student will then review this beginning on Nov 2.

Evaluation Criteria:

1-4 are evaluated by assigning a strong(S), medium(M) or weak(W)

1. Described field of interest and described question posed.
2. Both sides of argument were presented.
3. Appropriate references were included
4. Defended position is described clearly

5. provide one useful comment

Blog Post 9: Project Title, Issue, and Action Plan

Post your team's project Title, Issue, and Action Plan.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blog Post 8: Ethical Question

Is it ethical for a physician to accept Wild tickets from a pharmaceutical rep to take her family to the game?

Provide an argument for this based on the current ethical fabric of society and what is accepted in the organizations involved.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Post 7: General Ethics

Post an ethical code/statement for your career field of interest that has been developed by a professional organization in your field.

Post this code/statement for the following countries: USA, India, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Isreal

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blog Post 6: Diversity

Talk about what diversity means to you. And explain how valuing and championing diversity will help you in your career.

Post the diversity statements from 5 companies or organizations in your field of interest, comment how they are similar and/or different. How do each of these fit with your own diversity values?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Post 5: PDP

Post your complete PDP.

Post 4: Carbon Dioxide Paper Evaluation

1. Post your group's presentation.

2. Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the criteria established. Where these good criteria, or should there have been different criteria established?

3. Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the presentations as a whole. Consider the "yes" and "no" groups as a whole.

4. Reflect on the group management of your group. What went well, what did not?

5. Reflect on the personal "ethic" you felt in your group. Did you believe in your position? Where you arguing against your beliefs?

6. Did the class make the correct decision when considering the broader impacts of the global warming/climate change debate? Why?

7. Explain the statement, "What we do in the US, soon will not matter." Provide evidence to justify this statement.

8. Explain this statement, "What we do as individuals matters." Provide evidence to justify this statement.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Post 3: Establish Criteria to Evaluate Science Paper

Post a set of criteria that the class will utilize to evaluate the Carbon Dioxide paper posted on the D2L site.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Post 2: Presentation on Penny Weights

Post on your blog your group presentation related to the questions on masses posed in class:
What would a penny weigh picked up from the sidewalk?
What would a 1908 penny weigh?
What would a 1793 penny weigh?

Also, post a reflection on your presentation, the other presentations, and thoughts on how these could be even better.

Summary of feedback from winning group:

Why: Organization, weighed the pennies, actually answered the question, most in-depth, clearly stated

Weaknesses: quiet, talk more about the experiment, no conclusion, did not address question #3

Strengths: Professional, gave us info we needed in short period of time, spent the most experimental time, data, scientific approach, did not have "filler" random info